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WoW Moviewatch: Beyond Godlike Trailer


Guild promos can be tricky things. They serve a few different purposes. Some, like yesterday's Das Strafgericht, celebrate things that a guild has already done together. Others, however, like today's Beyond Godlike, is a teaser for the future. It's meant to inspire the guild, and help prepare them for what they will be doing together.

The author, Draix, dropped me a note about the Beyond Godlike trailer, asking if I had some tips. That's a little tough, because a good movie review has to be focused on the purpose of the movie. If the purpose of this piece was to be a music video, I'd be forced to say it fails. But, if I guess correctly that the trailer is meant to rile up his Guild for what's coming when 3.1 drops, I'd say the video is outstanding already.

I love the character tableaus. While they're not riddled with character depth, they clearly indicate a sense of purpose and action. The way Draix frames each model sets up a sense of purpose and action. The sweeping score he chose builds a sense of excitement. The hints of Ulduar shown in the architecture he displays warms us to the subject. He's done a good job building a feeling of adventure.

If there were an area I'd like to see Draix develop, I guess it would have to be in providing his trailer a narrative focus. His character shots, like I said, definitely hint at purpose and action, but I'd like to see some context. Is the paladin fighting undead for personal reasons (angst? tragedy?), or is he just knocking out a daily? A little more information about what's going on would be nice, but I still like the feeling that this is a "gathering of heroes."

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