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EMTEC's Gdium netbook reviewed: colorful case hides an underwhelming device

Tim Stevens

When you're drowning in a flood of copycat netbooks it's hard to not to be drawn to one that's a little different, one like EMTEC's Gdium, bravely forgoing internal storage in favor of a 16GB thumb drive "G-Key" and willfully ignoring the ubiquitous Atom processor. But, such attraction only gets you past so many inadequacies, and according to Laptop Magazine's review this one has plenty. Its customized Linux interface was said to be nice, but that 900MHz MIPS architecture couldn't even keep up with average netbooks, its touchpad was borderline unusable, and after a few moments placed on a lap the thing turned into a 112-degree oven -- just the sort of thing that won't do your future generations any good at all. Sure, the $349 price is lower than expected, but with Mini 9's going for $150 less it's not exactly a bargain.

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