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Hybrid Technologies becomes EVII, adds two electric beasts to its conceptual stable

Tim Stevens

Remember Hybrid Technologies, the company that offers to rip the motor out of a Mini and then charge you close to $60,000 for the privilege? They've gone and changed their name to EV Innovations Inc., or EVII (which looks like EVIL if you squint), and along the way came up with a pair of new electric options. First is the Wave (pictured above), with a 170 mile range, 80 mph top speed, $34,900 price tag, and a body that looks something like a 996 Porsche Carrera left out in the sun too long. The other is the Inizio, the sports car (after the break) with beefy pushrod suspension, racy sport seats, adequate 170 mph top speed, generous 200 mile range, and aggressive $139,000 price tag. The company hopes to start building both next year, but since it can't decide between three or four wheels on the Wave and doesn't yet have a body to show for the Inizio, that could prove to be a bit optimistic.

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