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Sprint employees now training with the Palm Pre?

Laura June

We're not totally sure here, but it sounds like Sprint employees are now being trained on the anxiously awaited Palm Pre. Over at PreThinking, they seem to have gotten their paws on an internal Sprint email that says that "employees can expect training to start in April as well as multiple communications to get them excited and ready to help our customers" for the Pre. Being of a curious nature, they apparently followed up to ask if the training had indeed begun, receiving this mysteriously veiled reply: "I would like to inform that Sprint is in the process of providing the training for the new Palm Pre. Once it's launched, Sprint will be ready to serve their valued customers regarding the Palm Pre." We've seen the new ads all over the place, and it was really only a matter of time, so we're not exactly shocked and awed at this one, but you tell us: what does it all mean?

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