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Camera-packin' Garmin Oregon 500 navigator on sale in UK

Darren Murph

Wouldn't you know it? That leaked Garmin Oregon 500 is indeed a real, bona fide product, and it's on sale now for argonauts over in the UK. The outdoorsy navigator officially boasts a rugged 3-inch sunlight-readable touch panel (400 x 240 resolution), a tough, waterproof casing, a built-in electronic compass, barometric altimeter (seriously!), AA battery support, USB connectivity, a microSD card slot and a bundled carabiner clip to really set it apart. Oh, and there's also an integrated camera for automatic picture geotagging, which seems to be a pretty rare commodity in GPS units these days. We're not quite sure it's rare enough to justify the lofty £353.97 ($519) price tag, but thankfully that's not our call to make.

[Thanks, Jordan]

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