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Deadliest Catch giving away free MS points ... don't get too excited


Microsoft is partnering on some Discovery Channel ad buy to promote Deadliest Catch -- it's a show about crab fisherman and a badly reviewed game -- but the only things worth caring about are the free MS points being given away. The campaign will have "a number of click-to-video executions across the Xbox LIVE platform with a call-to-action Deadliest Catch Text to Win Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes provides viewers with a specific mobile SMS code to text for a chance to win Microsoft Points."

Microsoft and Discovery will give away a whopping 2 million MS Points to 5,000 winners during the promo ... hey, wait a minute. Let's do the mathematicals on that: 2,000,000 MS points / 5,000 people = 400 MS points. So, they're giving out $5 XBLM redemption codes? Oh well, guess it's $5 those 5,000 folks didn't have before. Full details about the promotion can be found here.

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