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Nokia making a crazy Sidekick-esque phone for Verizon? (Update: looks like!)

Chris Ziegler

This rumor's got more holes than swiss, but stranger things have happened, so it'll be an interesting scoop to keep an eye on nonetheless. A tipster to Boy Genius Report claims that Nokia is working on a "swiveling E71-type handset" for -- get this -- Verizon, of all carriers, featuring a full QWERTY keyboard and running Series 40. Judging from the mockup here, that sorta puts it in the same vein as the Sidekick -- a form factor most carriers and manufacturers (especially Nokia) have avoided. Given that Espoo's still basically dipping its toes in the CDMA waters -- and the fact that a Verizon device running Series 40 proper seems implausible at best -- we're going to be shocked if this thing sees the light of day. Pleasantly surprised, yes, but still shocked.

Update: Since originally running this story, we've been contacted by a number of individuals who claim to have seen this phone in person; Boy Genius Report also emphatically defends the rumors legitimacy, so we're more inclined to think it's real. (Of course, that doesn't make it any less crazy.)

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