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Sprint's BlackBerry 8350i, now with less camera

Chris Ziegler

We knew it was coming, but the last time we checked, we had a big fat "TBD" in the launch date column -- now, the wait has finally ended and throngs of camera-free phone fanboys and girls can get their BlackBerry on (come on, you know who you are). The iDEN-only 8350i has been stripped of its cam, but not its dignity -- a good match for businessfolk working in higher-security facilities where covert imagery is still a concern. Unfortunately, the removed technology won't save you any dough; you'll pay the same $149.99 on contract after rebate as the "normal" 8350i buyers, but at least you won't get thrown out of a secret laboratory by ripped guards wielding AR-15s for bending the rules.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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