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The Queue: Save me Jebus!


Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Save me Jebus!

Oh, why did I teach him that word?

Ghola asked...

"About that Argent Tournament - any idea if that area will be a Sanctuary? I play on a PvP server and I imagine it will be Wintergrasp 2.0 for the first few weeks after 3.1 if PvP is allowed there..."

The Argent Tournament is a sanctuary on the PTR. And I imagine this will carry over into live.

Kinger asked...

"I was wondering why the vendors sell white items? Who buys them? If the answer is "just for the flavor of the game", then couldn't they sell the materials to make items they have in their store? Say maybe some ore, gems and other mats to make a sword or some armor? Maybe they could even sell an epic or a rare every once in a while on a RNG. It just seems strange that they sell stuff that is basically useless."

I've used those white level items to level up my enchanting. I know several other folks do that as well. There are also several that can be used in RP outfits and what not, if you're into that sort of thing.

Sean asked...

"Once a patch has been installed, is there any need for me to keep the patch downloads on my hard drive? I would like to burn the whole lot to a CD or external drive to free up some space."

Nope. Go ahead and burn them and keep them as backup in case you need them someday.

F. Somalia asked...

"Will there be some noticeable changes on 5-men dungeons with patch 3.1?"

Not really. Class changes will perhaps make running them a little different at first, but nothing major in terms of design or content.

F. Somalia comes in with a second question...

"How can scribes learn new Glyphs when 3.1 hits? Via research, daily quest, trainer, recipe vendor, drop?"

Northrend Inscription Research and through Books of Glyph Mastery.

Auraka asked...

"I don't know if this has been asked yet or not but I wanted to know if the Argent Tournament quests will count for the Ice Crown 140 quest achievement?"

I really really hope so. If someone has a definitive answer to this I'd appreciate it if they could leave a comment with their observations. I will say however that it should. The quests are in the zone, and there are several non-daily quests to complete. Right now I'm at 131/140 for the achievement and all I have left are phased group quests or group quests at the very end of extremely long chains. I'll be quite happy when 3.1 releases and I can get the achievement easily.

Nick asked....

"Do you like fishsticks?"


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