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City of Heroes team rebranded as Paragon Studios

Kyle Horner

Ever since Cryptic Studios sold the City of Heroes IP to NCsoft, the guys and gals left working on the game have been known as NCsoft NorCal. No longer! Nowadays, we'll be calling those fine folks Paragon Studios, according to a recent press release. Of course, the most obvious reason for the name and logo are that it sounds a lot better than the previous, and much more corporate, naming.

Still, a part of us wonders what exactly this means for the future of the newly named Paragon Studios. A name change like this with a shiny new logo doesn't usually happen unless said studio needs to be recognizable by everyone. So NCsoft can say things like, "From Paragon Studios, the team from City of Heroes" and such. So... new expansion? City of Heroes 2 to one effect or another? We'll have to wait and see, it seems.

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