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Keepin' it real fake, part CXCVII: that's LC, as in Lucky Coldstar

Chris Ziegler

What better way to say "this is most assuredly not a real Renoir" than by busting the 8 megapixel camera all the way down to a pathetic three-tenths of a megapixel? The good news, we suppose, is that you'll pay just $107 for the LC (yes, LC) KC910 -- but in exchange for your thrift and utter disregard for copyright law, you'll be stuck with GPRS data, a WQVGA display (compared to the real deal's WVGA), and an interface inexplicably ripped clean off a Nokia 5800. Plus, we bet the crazy guy wouldn't be willing to jump for you, which is a tragedy unto itself.

[Via LG Central, thanks Marcel]

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