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Land of Magic opens English server, offers double drop rates and double exp bonuses


Old school 2-D MMO Land of Magic has just recently made the jump from Korean only to Korean and English, and they're celebrating with two awesome bonuses -- double experience and double item drop rates!

Knowing for lightning fast leveling and a never ending amount of things to do, Land of Magic is an older MMO that has graphics in the vein of Ultima Online. Players can level their way all the way up to level 400 and beyond by using a creative "rebirth" system. This allows players to level as one profession, then switch over to a new profession and keep some of the abilities of their old one. In addition, each time you rebirth your character back down to level 1, the maximum level you can achieve increases by 2. Thus, if you rebirth once, your new maximum level is 402. Rebirthing also opens up new professions, such as the Necromancer and Demon King.

Should you truly have tons of time on your hands, characters who can rebirth all the way to level 900 get to become demi-gods. Literally, a demi-god.

Their celebration will be continuing until May 3rd and the game is free to play, so if you should have some extra time on your hands (or lots of time on your hands) go on over and see what's up with this new Korean MMO.

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