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The Daily Grind: Do you read MMO novels?

Shawn Schuster

Most of us play MMOs for the social interaction among real people from all over the world. Sitting alone reading a book or comic book is not exactly the most social activity, but most of our largest MMO IPs began as books in some form or another. Since then, it's the games themselves that have spawned books or graphic novels. World of Warcraft has a whole collection of literature to choose from. Warhammer Online recently released their second book in the Age of Reckoning series: Dark Storm Gathering. Even the Guild Wars universe is getting its own novel series to tie in the events of GW 1 and the upcoming GW 2.

So we want to know if you enjoy your favorite MMO enough to read the paperback novel version when you're not online. If so, which are your favorites? Are these books solid enough to stand on their own, or would the specific game's players be the only target audience? Let us know!

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