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Unboxing the Moxi HD DVR

Ben Drawbaugh

At long last we have the Moxi HD DVR in our hands and its almost ready to put through the paces. The four month wait since we got to play with it at CES is over now we'll finally get to compare it to the best DVRs out there. At first glance the hardware really shines with the most notable thing being the glowing Moxi logo on the front -- although we already wonder if its brightness is adjustable. The remote has a good feel to it and is back-lit. Just about any wire you might need to set it up, including HDMI and component cables, are in the box. The wait isn't over though because the unit requires cable TV service so until the cable guy brings a CableCARD it'll be sitting in the lab looking pretty, but just as soon as that M-Card gets installed, you can expect a full on review.

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