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3D Realms reaches finite milestone (no, Duke isn't done)


3D Realms' George Broussard has tweeted that the company is closing out a milestone, claiming that the gang is down to 71 tasks out of "probably 800-900." The Escapist presumes he's talking about Duke Nukem Forever and also notes that it's not the only milestone the game is close to reaching: at the end of April, it'll have been 12 years since the Forever was first announced. Remember we celebrated its 10th un-birthday, um, like two years ago?

We were obviously puzzled with Broussard's tweet and contacted the developer for clarification, to which a 3D Realms representative replied, "Sorry, but all I can say is, 'When it's done.'" Sheesh. Hopefully, the last thing on that list of 800-900 things is "Done Duke Nukem ... forever!"

[Via Escapist; ClanBase]

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