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Hands-on with Samsung's AS730 HTIB

Steven Kim

When it rains, it pours, and no sooner did we unpack the Paradigm SUB 25 than the new Samsung AS730 HTIB showed up at our doorstep. The AS730 came in its own fairly big box chock full of good stuff -- for 500 clams, you get a 5.1-channel speaker set (four identical front and surround channels, a center and a powered subwoofer), a receiver, remote, iPod dock, calibration mic and even cables to hook everything up. As you'd expect from a HTIB system, all the cables are color-coded to help users get things set up quickly -- unfortunately that color coding couldn't help us navigate the tightly-spaced speaker connections. Sure enough, it's pretty crowded around the back of the receiver, with enough connections to wire up prospective buyers' systems via HDMI, component and composite. Best of all, there's some room for expansion as well, with 7.1-channel analog inputs and 7.1-channel speaker taps. We'll put this package in the review queue and report back when we've got a story to tell; until then, feel free to check the pics of the not-so photo-friendly glossy black kit after the break.

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