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    HP Pavilion dv3 taken for a spin, comes back unfit but well-performing

    Ross Miller

    Now that HP's Pavilion dv2 has had time to shine, it's dv3's turn to take the spotlight. The gang at NotebookReview have put their hands all over the 13.3-inch, Intel Core 2 Duo-equipped laptop, and despite good performance, negative points go to the build quality, which was said to be worse than other Pavilion models. Specifically, it suffered from a weak / squeaky chassis, a bowed keyboard, and a narrow window of clarity for the display -- not gripes you want to have if you're looking to pay a cool grand for machine this size. While not recommending you avoid the computer, they suggest looking into the dv2 and dv4 to fill your HP-owning needs. Hit up the read link for the full review.

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