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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

LG's GC900 Viewty II gets Smart, gets official
Put away your smudgycams and break out your wallets, LG's Viewty II has been given the full studio photo treatment as part of an unveiling at LG's official blog.

Another ZuneHD render surfaces, fanboy specs too?
While we broke the news of the ZuneHD to the world as we did the original, we have no way to verify the authenticity of this new image originating at Windows Mobile Power User and now trotting itself around the Intersphere fueled by the adrenaline of fanboy fantasies.

Engadget goes legs-on with Honda's walking-assist devices (with video!)
Team Engadget got a chance to go fully legs (and crotch) on with Honda's latest nutty invention -- the walking-assist line of robo legs.
Other news of import

Hands-on with Samsung's AS730 HTIB
When it rains, it pours, and no sooner did we unpack the Paradigm SUB 25 than the new Samsung AS730 HTIB showed up at our doorstep.

HTC Touch Diamond2 gets unboxed, shown off on video
We haven't heard much about the appearance of the HTC Touch Diamond2 on US shores apart from a few AT&T-related whispers, but the squared-off handset is starting to pop up overseas, and the requisite unboxings and video tours have started flooding in.

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