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Toshiba's WS206T notebook tablet gets handled ahead of Willcom release

Chris Ziegler

Our own Engadget Japanese had an opportunity to play with Toshiba's odd little WS206T for Japanese carrier Willcom -- one of the concept devices demoed at CES, for particularly observant readers and rabid Toshiba fans -- and came away largely unimpressed. Shoving a thin, internet-enabled tablet into an old-school leather notebook sounds cool and all, but the problem is that the hardware's weak -- the screen's smaller than it could be, Willcom's PHS network tops out at just a few hundred kbps, there's no voice calling, and it runs some weird widget-based custom UI on top of Windows CE. What's more, it's a single-touch resistive display, and the UI's said to be annoyingly inconsistent. On the upside, it'll only run ¥2980 (about $30) a month for unlimited data, including the cost of the hardware itself, when it launches later this month -- just don't expect a product that's going to change your life and win you friends.

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