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WoW Moviewatch: Circus


At this rate, Demachic's gonna give me a complex. I now know far too much about the current happenings of Britney Spears. My knowledge of Britney music has quickly become my dark, secret shame. The kind of shame you keep quiet, tied up and gagged under the bed, where polite company needn't see it as they come by to visit. Which is a roundabout way of saying Demachic is back with another Britney Belf music video -- Circus.

This video is as astoundingly well done as Demachic's other Britney offernings. I suggest watching the WoW version first, before going back to see the Britney version. I have to admit that I think Demachic did a better job of characterizing the music. I do think that the blood elf model chosen by Demachic is a great representation for Britney, and operates in the confine of the video very, very well.

I particularly like the glamorous circus Demachic built for this video. It would have been an easy cop-out to simply use the Darkmoon Faire as a setting for the "Circus" video. Instead, she built the entire set piece by piece, to emulate the actual circus environment from the Britney original. It must have been a painstaking effort, and one that paid off for her.

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