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Activision Blizzard expects to rake in more money this quarter

Jason Dobson

Activision Blizzard officials took time out of their busy schedule counting money to let the world know that the conglomerate is not only filthy rich, but expects to stay that way. The company notes that its financial take for the most recent quarter is tracking ahead of its own expectations, thanks to what it calls "better-than-expected" sales of its games at retail.

Prior guidance had the company pegged to bring in a hefty $860 million in revenue for the period, though it's unclear how much this figure will inflate in the wake of "strong" sales of Call of Duty and Guitar Hero titles, as well as World of some such. Actiblizzard CEO Robert Kotick noted that this "bodes well" for the company's upcoming releases, which include a salvo of games "inspired by theatrical feature films," colorful prose we're sure was inspired by the bulge in Kotick's wallet.

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