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Ask Joystiq Nintendo: Donkey Kong Generation Gap Edition


This week in Ask Joystiq Nintendo, unfortunately, is all about stuff that just isn't going to happen. The DS might have gotten a browser update with the DSi, but the update wasn't in the area people really wanted.

In the process of discussing your questions (which you can send to us by email at asknintendo AT joystiq DOT com!), we also reveal that I am a fossil.

Sam Gorman asks:

Will Nintendo be updating the DSi web browser so it can show YouTube and other Flash or Java things? Also, will they be fixing WarioWare Snapped! soon? It doesn't work for me either.

The issue with the DSi browser isn't Nintendo's. Like the Wii browser, the issue is with Adobe's Flash Player for mobile devices. That needs an update. Nintendo doesn't seem to think there is a problem with WarioWare Snapped. So no. Keep messing with your lights! You'll get there!

Shirondale Kelley asks:

In the PC versions of Opera a user can log-in and sync their bookmarks, url history and some other systems by logging in to the browser. Is there any way to synchronize the DSi's browser with an Opera Link account? I don't want to have to retype all of my current bookmarks and fav sites if I don't have to do so, but I can't find an answer. It's looking like it's a bigger no everyday I search.

According to DotEd of the Opera Nintendo community N+, "no Opera Link in this version." Sorry! That would make the DSi like a mobile extension of your computer, and that would indeed be pretty cool.

Luffy229 asks:

I just wanted to ask a simple question which is when a new Donkey Kong game for Wii expected to be announced? And I mean a Donkey Kong Country or Donkey Kong 64 game not Jungle Climber or King of Swing or Donkey Kong Racing and Music game but a real Donkey Kong game.

I'm suddenly feeling very old. For me, a "real" Donkey Kong game involves climbing girders and jumping over barrels, swinging from chain to chain, or even shooting bug spray -- not riding a rhino and having a baseball-cap-wearing sidekick.

In any case, Rare made the Donkey Kong games you like, and Microsoft owns Rare. Rare has remade a couple of its games for the DS (including Diddy Kong Racing) but I wouldn't hold out for any new collaborations between Rare and Nintendo.

Every week, we'll answer reader questions about the Wii, the DS, or any other Nintendo-related topic in Ask Joystiq Nintendo. If you have a question, e-mail it to asknintendo AT joystiq DOT com! You need your questions answered, and we need content for this column. It's a symbiotic relationship!

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