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Garmin intros super sleek 5-inch nüvi 1490T navigator

Darren Murph

Just a month ago, Garmin came clean with the nüvi 1390T as part of its 1300 lineup, and today we're being formally introduced to the numerical successor. The nüvi 1490T sports a chassis that's some 25 percent slimmer than most nüvi models and an expansive 5-inch touchscreen. As with other new Garmins, this one also arrives with free lifetime traffic alerts and lane assist with junction view. Other expected amenities are also included, namely multiple-point routing, automatic time zone transition and a speed limit indicator that displays speed limits for most major roads. As insinuated, an integrated traffic receiver comes standard, and there's even an ecoRoute feature that suggests the most fuel efficient path. Finally, prospective buyers can count on Bluetooth technology for making and receiving handsfree calls, and the support for optional CityXplorer maps makes this suitable for the pedestrian in you, too. Expect it on store shelves everywhere this July for $499.99.

[Via GPS Tracklog]

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