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Killzone 2 sells more than 1M copies worldwide


There's only one thing internet fanboys love debating as much as Killzone 2's graphical capabilities ("It's too brown!" "It's more real than real life!") -- and that's Killzone 2's sales numbers. SCEA has just announced that its flagship "only on PlayStation" game has sold over one million copies worldwide, making it "the biggest initial success at retail of any first-party PS3 title to date."

It's taken Killzone 2 nearly seven weeks to reach the million milestone, and how that should be celebrated will largely depend on your loyalties. In comparison, Super Smash Bros. Brawl took a mere week to reach that magic number; Gears of War 2 managed to sell twice that much in its first week. Regardless, a million copies is nothing to scoff at -- we're certain these sales provided a nice injection of cash into the Sony war chest.

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