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Square Enix delivers one Order of War


For its first effort publishing a Western game outside of Japan, Square Enix has picked something as stereotypically Western as it possibly could have: a PC strategy game ... about World War II ... with the generic title Order of War. This isn't coming from the publisher's new LA studio, or from Eidos -- but rather from developer, who is beating Supreme Commander 2 to the punch.

Order of War recreates two WWII campaigns: "American versus German forces on the western front and German versus Russian on the eastern front." It allows players to control forces both on the ground and in the air and will release simultaneously this fall across "all territories."

This may be Square Enix's first Western release of a Western-developed game, but it isn't the first for the two companies that became Square Enix. Square's first was Secret of Evermore in 1995, and Enix's seems to be a SNES game based on King Arthur & The Knights of Justice.

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