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The Conduit channeled into retail on June 23


Representatives for High Voltage Software and Sega have informed Joystiq that The Conduit will reach retail on June 23. There was some confusion this morning about The Conduit's development status, following a Eurogamer story indicating that Sega had "pushed ambitious Wii first-person shooter The Conduit back from spring to summer." This is technically accurate -- The Conduit was originally scheduled to release June 9 (spring), but will now release June 23, two days after summer begins.

High Voltage Software's Eric Nofsinger assured us that the game's development hadn't slipped at all, but that pushing the "Nintendo networking beyond its usual transfer of data and taking full use of the WiiSpeak" is "good for the game and gamer," even if it lengthens the time taken for testing and approval.

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