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Theme park contest winners announced

Zach Yonzon

In what every Blizzard fanboy hopes to be a precursor to the real thing, the company has announced the winners of the Blizzard Theme Park Contest where creators were called to submit their best ideas for a theme park based on each of Blizzard's properties or even all of them. The grand prize winner, Christina Marie DeLong, designed a brightly colored map that had the most amazing stuff in it.

It featured attractions such as a Terran combat simulator, a Diablo-themed petting zoo (yikes!), and a roller coaster based on Captain Skyshatter's race around Netherwing Ledge.While that's all pretty cool, it's the little details that must've won the judges over -- like the Mage's refreshment table on top of a Dalaran-style building intended to be the park's buffet. There are just a lot of small things that should make all of us go to Blizzard and pester them about making it all real.

There were three other winners who won for the best StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo-themed entries, although they all seemed to incorporate all of Blizzard's properties. All of them were pretty good, but Christina's excellently drawn and conceptualized entry was hands down the best of the lot. You can check out all the entries including the honorable mentions over at Blizzard's theme park contest site. The winning works will be displayed in this year's BlizzCon. Given that Blizzard always has a few surprises in store for us each year, who's keeping their fingers crossed for a real-life Blizzard theme park?

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