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WoW Moviewatch: Breaking


X Cross says that he created Breaking as a way to overcome his fear of Blood Elves. It's his first music video, which makes this solid, satisfying movie an impressive feat. ("Music" is the operative word there, since X Cross has obviously done other work.) I'm not sure I understand what he means by fear of blood elves. Maybe that's why his first video, Kippo's X-Mas, didn't feature that waifish mainstay of modern machinima. (I think gnomes would have been a wiser choice anyway, even if the model selection was based on some secret belfophobia.)

Like I said, the video for "Breaking" is solid and satisfying. I'm not sure it vastly redefines anything about the way WoW rock videos work, but it definitely exemplifies the genre. The hardcore band members writhe appropriately on stage, and there's enough elements of "metal" to make me want to throw the horns. I like the lighting, the blur effects, and the prominent machismo of the characters.

The backdrop "action" of the video features of blood elf woman seducing and killing several different men. She shape-changes from "fleshy belf" to "undead belf" several times. I think X Cross was wise to avoid completely explaining that action inside the video, as it lets the audience play with its meaning against the song's lyrics.

Overall, this is a pretty good piece. I look forward to the next X Cross video.

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