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Fixstars CE-10 encoder puts Playstation 3 to work on h.264 video


Maybe you don't do enough video conversion to make copping a dedicated SpursEngine card a good investment, but that doesn't mean you can't put the Cell processor in your PlayStation 3 to work in between sessions of Killzone 2, (not like it's busy curing cancer or anything.) Fixstars' CE-10 encoder doesn't exactly fit the "Cell Storage" pie in the sky promises of yesterday, but by installing it on a PC it lets users tap into the PS3's number crunching power to achieve professional encoding quality. No word on what an "affordable prosumer price" is, but if ultra fast HD encoding is something you'd be interested in -- those 1080p vids won't compress themselves -- stop by the Broadcast International booth at NAB next week for an early preview before the software launches in June.

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