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Motorola's r765 and r765IS could crush your phone with their bare fists

Chris Ziegler

You may have been under some horribly misguided impression that your silly little i580 was "rugged." Well, we've got news for you, pretty boy -- Motorola has handsets that eat i580s for breakfast, and they're coming out this year. The r765 and r765IS are designed for use in some of the harshest working environments in the world, and odds are you'll never see one, much less own one -- in fact, they're targeted for private iDEN networks, not anything like Nextel -- but those who need it will probably appreciate the mil-spec compliance, the full watt of radio power (0.6 watts on the r765IS), and the latter model's intrinsic safety rating for use in explosive environments. Look for the r765 to launch this quarter, with the IS model following on a quarter later.

[Via MobileBurn]

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