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Transplant's Dale Earnhardt Jr. GPS will get you where you're goin', good buddy

Tim Stevens

Computerized GPs voices too dispassionate for you? K.I.T.T. too snarky? Mr. T always falling asleep? Maybe what you need is a good 'ol boy GPS, something with a hint of southern drawl and Wrangler Jeans style. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the man for the job, providing his voice to a special edition Rightway Spotter GPS from Transplant and ALK Technologies. He'll give you distances, speak some street names, and even tell you to "park it" when you're there (watch the video below to feel like you're actually going somewhere). It's got custom data for Junior's favorite hangouts and naturally has all the NASCAR series tracks programmed in, too. For $229 all this can be yours; buy now and they'll throw in the ability to turn right.

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