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FigurePrints celebrates Ulduar with 10% discount

Alex Ziebart

In celebration of the release of Patch 3.1, Secrets of Ulduar, FigurePrints is having a little sale. When placing your order, if you enter the promotional code 'ULDUARSECRET' you'll get 10% off of the price of your Print. Normal price being $129.95, you get $13 off bringing the subtotal to $116.95. Shipping is about $20, so your print would come to $136.90. This sale will only last through the 30th, so you have a little under two weeks to make your purchase.

I suspect that discounted price is still too high for most people, and only the crazy folk like me will pick up on it. I bought a FigurePrint at full price awhile back, and it was certainly worth it to me, even if the print was much smaller than I expected it to be. It was less a monument to my character, and more a little physical memory of what I've been doing for four years. That's worth $150 to me. To most people? Probably not. That's rather steep for what you get, even if it is crafted for your character.

A tip from me to you: When picking the equipment and pose for your FigurePrint, be mindful of your weapon placement. My Priest was wielding Anathema and holding it out to her side in my print, which looks cool but meant the figure had to be placed off-center to fit under the glass dome they put it in. That's something I didn't even think about until it arrived at my house. It's still a great print, the off-centerness just drives me a little nuts when I look closely at it.

It's also really hard to get a close-up picture of my print through the glass dome, I found. My camera distorts it all crazy-like, so I apologize for the poor quality image above. The colors are a bit washed out on my print, but not quite as badly as it appears there. You can see a bigger picture of my FigurePrint's setup over in my miscellaneous gallery.

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