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iPhone to run Boston Marathon


TUAW regulars probably remember our post about a reader in Tokyo who strapped an iPhone to his hat and used Qik to livestream the Tokyo Marathon. Well, now we're about to see an iPhone run the Boston Marathon.

It's a very large iPhone with a developer inside! RunKeeper developer Jason Jacobs has battled plantar fascitis and a short training season (three weeks) to hopefully carry off this great marketing scheme on Marathon Monday. He's wearing a lightweight iPhone suit made of black lycra with a rope frame. What's on the screen of the iPhone? RunKeeper, of course!

The staff at Fitness Keeper worked with a team of students from Professor Dave Gerzof's social media class at Emerson College to come up with a marketing strategy that would give their popular exercise tracking app an extra push in the App Store. On Monday, we'll see how well an iPhone can run the Boston Marathon.

There's more of the story as well as video at Good luck, Jason!

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