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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup makes a webcomic

Did you know they make psychologists get psychoanalyzed before they can practice their brain-picking craft? Recently, we've felt discomforted in our ivory tower. Who are we, bloggers unfamiliar with the actual creation of illustrated funnies, to be weekly adjudicators of the internet's best gaming-related webcomics? To abate this guilt, we crafted the above. Our respect for the production of this honored medium has increased exponentially, and we feel more suited to dole out the judgments. Now let us never speak of this again.

Below are our seven favorite webcomics of the week, which were crafted by people exponentially more talented than we could ever hope to be. You can vote for your favorite after the jump, or drop a link in the comments to a strip we might have overlooked. However, criticism of the above comic will result in your immediate, irreversible banning. We're very, very sensitive about our work.

Be Strong, Kazooie [Of Noobs and Men]
He Really Designed These [Digital Unrest]
Borders [xkcd]
Birth of a Sackboy [Dueling Analogs]
And Thus They Were Enemies Forever [Dipswitch]


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