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Star Trek Online lore interview style at Quark's Bar

Kyle Horner

In an inventive -- if not creatively fun for whoever wrote it -- display of storytelling, the most recent "Path to 2409" update on the official Star Trek Online website takes the form of an in-character interview set against the backdrop of Quark's Bar. Now it just may be us, but placing your characters in Deep Space Nine fans' favorite locale seems like a great way to pique interest among usually too-long-to-read types.

And hopefully it works, because this interview details the beginnings of the war between the Federation and Klingon Empire from an engaging first person perspective. Historical logs can be interesting for some but yawn-inducing for many others -- so more of this wonderfully more interesting approach is definitely for the best.

Hopefully if enough people check this one out, Cryptic will see the demand and create even more dynamic media for the game's lore. It's certainly been working well for Star Wars: The Old Republic, so why not for this game as well?

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