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Matthew Perry suffers Fallout 3-related injury, not radiation poisoning


Poor Matthew Perry. First, he gets trotted out on ABC's The View to promote the new movie 17 Again where he plays an old version of teen star Zach Efron. Second, he gets poked and prodded by the various deleterious hosts of the show. And finally, he gets quickly ushered offstage after admitting to playing so much Fallout 3 that he needed to see a doctor for his hands.

As you'll see in the clip after the break, Perry quickly deflects the usual uninformed jibber jabber of View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, telling her, "This is something you know nothing about," and, managing to navigate the rest of the co-hostesses giggling, explains the hand pain he recently endured from hours spent patrolling the Capital Wasteland. Though Perry's latest film looks less like our cup of tea and more like a 'made for TV' movie, he just jumped up a few cool points in our books.

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