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Nokia heads deeper down CDMA path with FCC-outed dual slider

Chris Ziegler

For better or worse, dual sliders are quickly becoming one of Nokia's trademark form factors -- but one thing we'd never really expected out of Espoo was a dual slider equipped with EV-DO Rev. A. Sure enough, FCC documentation has revealed a diminutive black dumbphone that packs CDMA800 / 1900 with 3G and slides two ways: one to reveal a numeric keypad, the other to offer up music controls. Historically, Nokia has "co-ODM'd" its CDMA devices with an unnamed Asian partner, and we suspect this device is no different -- but we've got to give them credit for crafting a genuinely Nokia-esque device here. The draft user's manual doesn't reveal a retail name or model number, but we do see references to UIMs (the CDMA equivalent of SIMs) and British spellings of "organiser," which leads us to believe North America might not be on the VIP list for this one. Would be a shame, wouldn't it?

[Via Phone Scoop]

Update: Commenter Kunal points out that this looks an awful lot like the China-bound 8208, which makes us wonder -- why the FCC approval? Did that bad boy pique the interest of Verizon or Sprint?

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