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SOE Fan Faire 2009 now open for registration

Kyle Horner

With this year marking EverQuest's 10th anniversary, you can bet that SOE's Fan Faire 2009 is going to be a little grander than usual. As it turns out, then plan is for an expanded weekend event with all sorts of awesome stuff for fans to check out. Want to try DC Universe Online? You'll be able to play it all you like at Fan Faire via playable demos of upcoming SOE titles. Hey, maybe you'll be the first to see The Agency in quite some time!

Beyond even that, there are plans for s
neak peeks at new games in development, which should be pretty exciting. But that's just really a small glimpse of the goings on planned for this year's event. If you want to get a much bigger picture, head on over to the registration site. We're sure this year will be full of great news information and tons of events for the fans.

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