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Lego Rock Band real, coming Holiday 2009

Justin McElroy

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If you've worried about your youngsters being exposed to the evils of rock music, worry no longer: LEGO Rock Band is coming this holiday season on PS3, 360, Wii and DS to deliver us all from said evil. The game, currently being developed by TT Games and Harmonix, will use all the existing Rock Band and Guitar Hero peripherals.

The family-focused version of the game will allow you to customize your "minifigure avatars" along with your road crew and managers. The kid-friendly song list hasn't been fully disclosed, but we know it'll include:
  • Blur: "Song 2"
  • Carl Douglas: "Kung Fu Fighting"
  • Europe: "The Final Countdown"
  • Good Charlotte: "Boys and Girls"
  • Pink: "So What"
So, LEGOs or Beatles, who's getting your Rock Band dollar this year?

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