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Nokia E71x finally coming to AT&T on May 4?

Chris Ziegler

We've been teased by the promise of the E71x for months now -- and of that time, we've been teased on a very official level for a solid three weeks -- but we've yet to get a solid release date out of AT&T. The popular rumor is that last-minute problems in the phone's custom FP2-based firmware (the original E71 runs FP1, you may recall) affecting email caused the holdup, and naturally, a mass firmware update on an endless sea of already-manufactured devices can be a bit of a production. Now, Nokia Experts is reporting that we'll finally see this thing hit shelves on May 4 and has a screenshot to back up the claim; at $99.99 on contract, it'll still be a steal by then, but we'd recommend they not wait any longer than that. Please, seriously.

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