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Rolando dev claims barriers to publishing much lower on iPhone


Simon Oliver has been a game developer for more than a few years now, so we're going to trust him when he says, "The barriers to publishing, compared to developing for the Wii, or PlayStation Portable, or Nintendo DS, [are] incredibly low," regarding Apple's iPhone. The Rolando developer recently spoke with and had some interesting things to say regarding the development and publishing processes involved in his massively successful game.

"There were a lot of aspects in my own skillset that I felt needed work - my C++ was okay, but it was quite seat-of-the-pants stuff initially," he says, regarding development of Rolando. He believes that while "there's not the same level of quality control that you get on XBLA or WiiWare" the games released for Apple's platform are more interesting as "the barrier to entry is so unbelievably low." We've certainly heard this tune before and it looks as though some major players are jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. We're hopeful that the future for the iPhone's developmental wild west can withstand the pressure of big money publishers wrangling up all the mindshare.

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