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Warhammer's Beyond the Sands event now live

Kyle Horner

Starting yesterday and continuing on through Monday, April 27th, Warhammer Online players have access to the next phase of Mythic's Call to Arms live expansion, Beyond the Sands. The event focuses on both factions competing over artifacts of the Nehekharan Kings and to defeat their undeathly Liche Priests. According to Mythic, this particular event focuses primarily on RvR but does contain a dash of PvE as well.

Although those looking for more PvE content won't be waiting too much longer, as this is all leading up to the Land of the Dead update which is purportedly bringing new instanced dungeons. Then again, it's also bring a large new RvR zone as well, so all things in balance we suppose.

The content just keeps on coming for Warhammer Online players, and that's never a bad thing. With the biggest content still yet to come, there seems to be plenty about this game to remain excited about.

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