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Ask Engadget HD: What's the cheapest setup with Netflix, Hulu & Blu-ray?


We've had a few media streaming queries as of late, but our friend Mike's concern in this area is strictly economical:

"What is the most cost effective way to stream video from sources such as my computer and Hulu to an HDMI device? I would love to also have Netflix and Blu-ray support, but don't know if there is a device out there yet that will do all this cost effectively. I have a PS3 in the living room, but this additional device would be for the bedroom. I'm looking to go as inexpensive as possible. I did consider an Xbox 360 Arcade and that would just eliminate the ability to play Blu-ray, or a Popcorn Hour, eliminating the ability to play Blu-ray or Netflix. Help me! I don't think the device I'm looking for exists!"

We know how it is, you want everything, but you don't want to spend every last dollar getting it. So for all the cheapskates out there, we know who you are, what do you recommend?

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