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Lode Runner reloaded to 1200 MS Points [update]


We don't know if this is some new marketing tactic by Microsoft, but Lode Runner is now 800 ($10) on the Xbox Marketplace, instead of the previously announced 1200 ($15) -- oddly enough, it's still $15 for a code from Amazon. We're not ones to poo-poo providence, so we'll take the 33 percent discount and like it.

Well, actually, we did poke the sleeping lion to find out about the surprise "discount." Hopefully, doing so won't spur a price hike. If it does -- yeah, totally our bad.

Update: Lode Runner is now priced at 1200 ($15). See what happens when you demand we be thorough, follow-up reporters? But, in all seriousness, here's what Major Nelson had to say about the seesawing release: "This was incorrectly priced at 800 points. That has since been corrected." But is it correct?

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