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Court approves Square Enix buyout of Eidos


We're really beginning to understand why more corporate buyouts don't happen. It was reported yesterday that a court has approved the Square Enix purchase of Eidos -- the third and (hopefully) final approval the Japanese publishing house needs before officially acquiring UK-based Eidos. According to Gamasutra, Eidos' board of directors confirmed the transfer of the company's titles Tomb Raider and Deus Ex (among others), while the court has acknowledged its delisting in the company's native country, effective as of last night.

And so it seems all there is left to do now is make silly combinations of the companies' names, as per the image above. Squeidos? Square Enixos? Kane & Enix: Dead Square? Alright, we're reaching a bit much with that last one ... we'll admit it.

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