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Panasonic makes school runs more cinematic with its in-dash Blu-ray player

Tim Stevens

Finicky kids may have their opinions about which brand of peanut butter or sugar-crusted breakfast cereal they prefer, but surely every single one of them wants HD over SD for their in-car viewing experience. Panasonic's giving them just that, a pair of dash-mountable devices that will finally let you toss those DVDs Disney's been sneaking in with its Blu-ray releases. First is the CN-HX3000D Windows-powered device, with a 7-inch, 1280 x 720 display offering GPS, Bluetooth, a 40GB hard drive, and iPod/iPhone compatibility. Pair that with the CY-BB1000D in-car Blu-ray player (which, sadly, is not BD-Live compatible) and bam you've got all the high-def Chicken Little you can handle. Mind you all this will surely come with quite a price tag when it releases this fall, and while Panny isn't willing to say just much, isn't keeping your little videophiles happy worth any cost?


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