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Special griffon and manticore mounts for referring friends in WAR

Brooke Pilley

Mythic has taken their Recruit-a-Friend program up another notch by offering exclusive griffon and manticore mounts to players who refer six friends to Warhammer Online. Before you get ultra-excited, no, they don't fly. That said, special flying mounts for friend referrals would probably be a little unfair to everyone else.

The mounts do look great though. Magus players will receive a special disc for their referral efforts since they do not ride traditional mounts. There are a number of other referral rewards, including free game time, non-combat pets, and special items that grant additional XP and allow you to temporarily raise a friend's level up to within two of your own.

Referring a friend is as simple as logging in to the account management centre and firing off a few quick emails.

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