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Square Enix teams with V Jump mag on 'epic' project


Japanese isn't exactly our strong suit here at Joystiq, though one intrepid staffer has the ability to make those crazy shapes interpretable. And he's explained that the teaser for next month's issue of J-mag V Jump has some enticingly vague information about an upcoming collaboration between the magazine and publisher Square Enix.

Out of the six lines of indecipherable glyphs (to our gaijin eyes, at least), he gleaned this gem: "Together with Square Enix, we're producing the next generation epic 'Project V!' Could your ideas become reality!?" For clarity's sake, the snippet isn't referring to that other Project V.

We're not quite sure our ideas will become reality, but we suspect we'll at least find out more about the partnership in next month's issue. (And if you're one of those people with the amazing ability to read Japanese, you'll want to head over to the magazine's website and look out for the symbol you see on the right.)

[Via 1UP]

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