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Viliv S5 unboxed in beautiful, epic video

Laura June

We've had our eyes and hands all over Viliv's S5 for quite some time now, but we'll freely admit that we kind of can't get enough of the little guy. Well, until now, maybe. jkkmobile's got an exhaustive video unboxing which shows the device off quite nicely -- its 4.8-inch haptic touchscreen looks super responsive -- and overall, this UMPC is shaping up to be one decently impressive piece of work. They're expected to ship around May 8th in the U.S. for $599. Video is after the break -- it's a little long, but be sure to stick with it until the end, when Ilsa takes off in a plane for America, leaving a teary-eyed Rick on the tarmac. You won't be disappointed.

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