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Breakfast Topic: Which class are you in real life?

Zach Yonzon

A bunch of blogs have come up with this interesting discussion lately, with Saresa over at Twisted Nether collating all the posts on the topic. It's a pretty good question and some World of Warcraft bloggers have taken it upon themselves to answer the question -- we've got someone who wants to be a Mage; another who thinks she'd be a Warlock; while this lady believes she fits Paladins best; and finally one lady who actually wants to be a bear. We thought this was a clever idea and decided to share it with you for this morning. It might kick off a post for your own blogs, as well.

The cool thing is, I think that a lot of people fit into certain class archetypes, even without any of the abilities or spells. A priest at church would quite obviously be a Priest, while athlete fighters would probably be Warriors. Your uncle who goes off deer hunting in the Fall just might be a Marksmanship Hunter. With or without class skills and abilities, I'm sure we all have a class we sort of identify with, or whose powers we wished we possessed. You can even think of it as the WoW player's version of HEROES, choosing a class because of their powers.

Myself, I'd probably stick by the Paladin. Being able to cure diseases and heal the sick would be a great thing, while still being able to lay the smackdown on baddies. Of course, when things get hairy, I'd love to be able to put up an invincible force field and... go home. How about you? You can use this Shared Topic to write your own blog post, but at the same time we'd love to hear your ideas on which class you'd be in real life.

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